Stressless With Conflict Resolution Teaching | Video Workbook Power Point

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3 Easy Steps to Repair Peer or Sibling Relationships & Reduce School Bullying by Teaching Positive Socialization. Positive socialization is the type of social learning that is based on pleasurable and exciting experiences.

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Parents and Teachers  Video on conflict resolution strategies – conflict resolution techniques video – conflict resolution activities

StressLess with Conflict is a quick 3 step process to defuse angry kids or teens, resolve conflict, and go beyond “sorry” by doing something nice for the person they offended. This video is for parents and teachers and was recorded with a live audience at a teachers conference. Our Conflict Resolution Video builds Student Awareness and Skills when dealing with difficult situations. This teaching video provides teaching tips when students are dealing with bullying and challenges in their neighborhood or home.


3 Quick and Easy Steps to Resolve Child/Adolescent Conflict for Families and Schools!


Buy Now and hear Child/Adolescent Expert Jim West, LMHC, NC

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TESTIMONIAL: Students state, “We have fun and are eager for each session with Mr. West.” Jim teaches students how to have fun while still affirming each other.


  1. How to apologize: “I apologize. I was wrong and will try never to do it again. Will you forgive me?”
  2. The Benefits of Forgiveness: Research suggests forgiving victims actually live 8 years longer than those who hold grudges.
  3. How Can I Make It Up to You: Even after receiving an apology, victims may still feel wronged. It’s important to “Make it Up” to our victims so trust can be repaired and rebuilt within the relationship.
  4. Ways we can quickly and effectively “Make it Up” to the person so trust can be re-established and stronger than ever.
  5. If I did something mean I can do something nice for the person I hurt.
  6. If I said something mean I can say something nice to the victim.

StressLess with Conflict is also used as a Bullying Program

  1. Positive Socialization & Relationship Repairing techniques are used allowing bullies to “Make It Up” to their victims instead of facing detention or suspension.
  2. Using this program in your school or home, you can reduce bullying behavior by 50% within 2 weeks!
  3. Help your students learn how to roll with name calling or teasing: “You’re an idiot!” Response: “That’s the Best thing I’ve heard all day.”
  4. Retain families! Schools who use this program report an increase in family retention as well as successful bully rehabilitation.
  5. In just 1 week, see a 30% reduction in tardies and discipline problems by having students greet each other at the start of the day!
  6. Learn how to incorporate a positive conflict resolution plan: “I apologize for hitting you. I was wrong and will try not to do it again. Will you forgive me? I want to rebuild trust with you, let me carry your books for the day.”

3 Easy Steps Teaching Positive Socialization help Repair Peer or Sibling Relationships & Reduce School Bullying

  1. Positive socialization: a form of social learning based on exciting and pleasurable experiences.
  2. Although peer pressure is often viewed in a negative light it can actually be beneficial. Positive peer pressure (aka Peer Support) can encourage bullies to be kind to their peers.
  3. Using this program, youth workers will learn ways to utilize peer support in promoting positive youth development.
  4. Elementary/Secondary Schools & Youth Groups across Florida who use this program are seeing discipline problems reduce by up to 50 percent.
  5. After school detention programs are being eliminated, empowering students to participate more fully in the learning process.
  6. Instant Results! Participants of this consult are amazed at how quickly their classrooms turn around.
  7. Assimilation of new students! Students report, “Everyone in the class is talking to each other!” Simply teaching students how to greet each other and requiring them to greet each classmate by the end of each week allows for this positive assimilation.
  8. Inclusion! “The boys are letting us play football with them.”- 5th grade girl’s testimony.

80 Min – 2-40 Minutes Sessions


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